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Affiliate Program Review

RushBucks Affiliates is an affiliate program representing 4 of the most respected binary options platforms in the industry including TradeRush, Redwood Options, Boss Capital and Magnum Options. Together as RushBucks Affiliates, they provide an outstanding affiliate program based on their solid and combined industry expertise. RushBucks Affiliates offers a comprehensive package incorporating up-to-date live stats, professional support, affiliate management and most importantly, timely payments. These elements together ensure the growth of its partnership with its affiliates and the overall success of its program.

RushBucks Affiliates realises that quality affiliates are the key to its success and to this end, offers generous commissions and global marketing support to help them maximise their conversion rates and profits. In terms of tracking their campaigns, affiliates have access to sophisticated reporting analytics, giving them the means to monitor and fine-tune their campaigns.

Registering to become a RushBucks affiliate is straightforward and can be done by submitting a completed registration form. Once an affiliate receives confirmation, they are given access on the website to all the marketing materials they need including banner ads, button links, text links and other links determined by RushBucks. Once they have signed up, affiliates are designated an affiliate manager responsible for establishing a mutually beneficial partnership and for ensuring that affiliates’ marketing requirements are catered for and that commissions are promptly paid. They can be contacted at any time when assistance is required either by phone or email. Joining RushBucks is a worthwhile decision and affiliates will experience a very professional program featuring 4 of the best converting brands in the industry.

Commission Details

RushBucks Affiliates offers some of the most competitive commission rates in its niche which, combined with its exclusive partner brokers excellent conversion rates, ensures that affiliates get more from their traffic. Affiliates can choose from either Revenue Share or CPA schemes. Revenue Share offers a commission of 35% of the net revenue generated from new active traders referred by affiliates. Traders should note that should the monthly calculation of net revenue result in a negative amount, this amount will be deducted from applicable net revenue in succeeding months.

Affiliates can alternatively opt for a CPA commission structure which pays according to the number of new traders introduced per month who proceed to sign up and trade with one of the brokers under the scheme. Hence, an affiliate referring up to 30 new traders per month receives $175 CPA rising to $350 for 91+ new traders.


With Rushbucks, an affiliate who receives compensation to recruit other affiliates (sub-affiliates) is offered a parent affiliation percentage of 5% for every sub-affiliate they recruit. This is a lifetime benefit.

Payment Details

All commissions are paid on a monthly basis within 30 days following the end of each month, in accordance with an affiliate’s preferred payment method chosen by them as part of their application process. In the event that the commission payable is less than $500 (the minimum amount), RushBucks is not obliged to make the payment until the commission exceeds this amount.

Marketing Tools

RushBucks’ affiliates are given access to a wide array of proven marketing materials such as banners, links, reviews and other promotional collateral.

A large variety of banners is available to support all affiliates’ marketing efforts, covering the multiple promotions offered. RushBucks’ affiliate managers are also available to discuss marketing strategies and assist inevaluating the effectiveness of campaigns.

RushBucks additionally offers a number of attractive features and promotions to its affiliates as part of its promotions programs. These bonuses are based on real new depositors referred by affiliates using RushBucks’ tracking links.

In terms of tracking clicks and conversions, RushBucks has a streamlined, swift, user-friendly affiliate interface and reporting system that is second to none and allows access to statistics relating to each marketing tool an affiliate has used. Highly detailed and frequently updated statistic reports are all available at the touch of a button. An excellent affiliate program from RushBucks ensures maximum earnings for those who choose to sign up with them. The generous commission structure and comprehensive set of marketing and campaign tracking tools also add to the appeal of RushBucks’ affiliate program which we believe is worth checking out.

  • Represents 4 leading binary options platforms
  • Revenue Share & CPA commission schemes
  • Sub-affiliation of 5% offered
  • Effective tracking tools
  • Payments on time
  • None

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RushBucks Affiliates detailed information

  • CPA:$350
  • Sub-affiliate: 5%
  • Negative Carryover: No
  • Payment Date: 1-15 days
  • Minimum Payout (E-Wallet): $250
  • Minimum Payout (Bank Transfer): $250
  • Payment References:
  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Neteller
  • Payment Currency: USD
  • Affiliate Software: HasOffers

RushBucks Affiliates Brands

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