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GOptions Review

GOptions is an established binary options broker that has become a firm favourite with many traders worldwide. Its cutting-edge trading platform has won over both novice and advanced traders, attracted by high payouts of up to 90% and a large variety of over 150 tradable assets. With an impressive selection of tools and features, mobile apps, attractive incentives and renowned customer support, it is a leading choice for many binary options traders.

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  • User-friendly SpotOption trading platform
  • Payouts up to 90%
  • Great customer service
  • Over 150 tradable assets
  • Guaranteed same-day withdrawals
  • Not regulated by CySEC
GOptions Deposit & Withdrawal Methods
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GOptions Broker Information
  • Founded: 2009
  • Company: Go Marketing International Ltd
  • Incorporated: Anguilla
  • License:
  • Platform: Spot Option
  • Minimum Deposit: $200
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $100
  • Returns: 90%
  • Minimum Trade: $25
  • Demo Credits: Yes
Option Types
  • High/Low, Pairs, One Touch
  • 30 sec, 60 sec, 90 sec, 2 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 1 hour, End Of Day
  • iPhone, iPad, Android

About GOptions



Minimum Deposit


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About GOptions

GOptions is an established binary options broker providing a range of services which are unmatched in the binary options industry. With a mission to provide the highest level of service possible, GOptions offers clients an easy and intuitive way to trade on the leading financial markets including forex, commodities, indices and stocks.

GOptions uses the SpotOption platform which is known for its functionality and capability, catering for the demands of all levels of trader. Novice traders will find it easy enough to just pick up and use, while the experienced trader will find enough advanced features to satisfy the requirement for a more complex trading style. GOptions’ trading platform is 100% web-based, allowing traders to instantly trade from anywhere in the world without the need to either download or install any software. The combination of GOptions’ unprecedented portfolio of over 150 tradable assets and its cutting edge technology offers traders speed and precision on an extensive variety of trading settlements.

GOptions has the one of the largest selection of trading features available including 30 Second, 60 Second, Long Term, One Touch, Pairs and Ladder Options. They have also developed an option for traders to enjoy Forex trading on the same platform together with Spot Follow, a tool which allows users to shadow and copy professional and profitable traders. GOptions’ unique offering enables traders to receive payouts of up to 90% on regular binary options and up to 1250% on Ladder options.

The minimum deposit required to trade with GOptions is $200 and signing up is very straightforward on its user-friendly website. Traders will be reassured to learn that GOptions also offers a high level of customer service and training. Support is available 24/7 in 3 languages and its education centre includes videos, market blogs, free charts and trading strategies. Furthermore, GOptions is the only broker on the market to offer a guaranteed same day withdrawal.

Overall, GOptions is an excellent binary options broker with a comprehensive range of tools and features on offer and a range of assets that will appeal to every trader. Their user-friendly website is a big plus and is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why GOptions has become so popular with traders across the world.

GOptions History

GOptions has been in the binary options industry since 2009 headed by a management team which is composed of professionals with many years trading experience. GOptions is owned and managed by Go Trading Technologies Ltd., Dominica, with its company headquarters located in Bulgaria. GOptions is not yet licenced or regulated.

GOptions Bonus Terms & Conditions

GOptions offers a selection of attractive rewards to both new and regular customers and are part of its promotions program. All bonuses are limited time offers and the terms and conditions associated with them are subject to change. Traders who choose to accept a bonus will be required to execute trades to the value of 30 times their initial bonus funds.

Cash back promotions where volume triggers the cash-back rebate will be provided as a bonus at 10 times the volume. Ladder options and all volume executed on ladder options do not count towards bonus volume requirements required for a withdrawal.

GOptions Withdrawal Terms & Conditions

Making a withdrawal with GOption is very straightforward with the added bonus that they have one of the fastest withdrawal processing times in the industry today, being processed on the same day. To make a withdrawal, traders must supply documents authenticating their account with GOptions. These include photo ID, proof of address and a copy of the credit card, if used for the initial investment.

There is no fee to withdraw via credit card, however withdrawals via bank transfer incur a processing fee of $25. Once a withdrawal request is submitted it can take GOptions up to 3 business days to process and a further 5-7 days for the funds to show in a trader’s account. The minimum withdrawal is $100 and withdrawals of profits will only be processed when 20 trades or volume to the amount of 10 times the deposit amount are performed.

GOptions Demo Account

GOptions offers all traders the use of a demo account provided they have an existing account which has been funded, verified and authorised. Traders who have made an initial investment of $1,000 receive an unlimited demo account. Those who have made an investment below $1,000 can benefit from a single demo matching the amount of the investment.

GOptions Scam Watch

GOptions is a well-known and reputable broker which is noted for its innovative platform and transparent approach. Their mission of integrity and honesty adds to an already excellent trading experience which has secured them an impressive following. While they are not a regulated binary options broker, we feel they are not a scam but still recommend trading with caution as with any other binary options broker who is not regulated.

GOptions Mobile App Review

GOptions offers mobile trading apps for both Apple and Android enabled devices. The application fully replicates the trading and features of the standard platform and is a great tool for users to place trades anytime and anywhere while keeping track of their open positions on the go. GOptions mobile app gives traders access to live and dynamic charts of every option available on the GOptions web platform and allows them to view expired options and their full trading history using intuitive touch screen control. GOptions mobile app is free of charge to customers.

GOptions Broker Review – Video Transcript

So the pros and cons of GOptions are they do accept US traders. They accept traders from around the world, but yes they also accept US traders. So that’s a huge positive about this broker. They also have an extended number of option types, including ladder options, and they have a new feature marked as Forex trading, where you have stock losses and type profits, which is a slightly different hybrid to your traditional Forex trading and your binary options trading. I think it’s quite an interesting way to trade the markets.

They also have a Turbo feature where they offer more than just 60 seconds. They also offer 30 seconds all the way up to three minute options. The cons are that you must deposit $200 if you wish to receive a demo account. And if you also accept a bonus, they do have a turnover though before you can withdraw your money.

So the company information is they are based in London in the UK. They’ve been founded in 2009, so they’ve been around for around four to five years. So they’re quite an experienced broker that has been established for a while. They don’t operate on any regulatory body, which is one of the main reasons why they can accept US customers.

So they also have two main forms of contacting them via phone. They have a US contact number and also a UK contact number. So if you’re in the US, use that US number. And if you’re in the rest of the world, you’re going to have to call them via their UK number. They also have the support email, [email protected]

So moving on to the account options. So they offer returns up to 90%, which is one of the highest in the industry. It’s a very, very good return rate. They offer a decent minimum deposit of $200, a minimum investment of $25, a maximum investment of $5,000. Like I mentioned before, they do offer a demo account version. But you have to deposit $200. So you don’t have to trade the $200.

You can trade under a demo account, but you do have to deposit before they unlock a demo version for you to try it on. So yes, they do except US traders. They will generally cash out within the 48 hour period. And they offer various base currencies for your account.

They offer a number of account packages, from a micro version all the way up to the VIP platinum version. So there’s various bonuses. If you’re into accepting bonuses they have various percentages there. The higher you deposit, the more of a bonus you can receive. Also all the accounts above the micro account offer four risk free trades on various trade amounts.

And the gold and VIP platinum account offer one month and three month auto signals package as well. So I’d contact them if you’re interested in receiving their auto signals. But you’re going to have to deposit at least $5,000. We recommend for new traders to take the mini package. So depositing over $500. Then you’re going to get the most value from your account.

So they have quite a number of banking options. The main ones being credit cards and wire transfer. They also offer quite an extensive range of various eWallets from various countries. So I look out for that. When you’re going to deposit, click on the wallet option and you’ll see there’s quite a number of options to choose from. And that goes for also their withdrawal options. Quite extensive.

So if you are interested in accepting a bonus, their bonuses range from 25% all the way up to 100%. But please be aware of the bonus terms and conditions. So in order to withdraw your funds from your accounts that you have been credited with a trading bonus, you are required to execute a minimum trading volume of 40 times your bonus amount. And this also looks your own deposit money.

So if you’re depositing on a standard account of $1,000, you’re going to have a starting balance of $1,500, but you are required to trade 40 times the $500 bonus amount before you can withdraw any of your balance.

So the trading platform is on Spot Option and it’s using the latest version of Spot Option. So it’s state of the art Spot Option software. An extensive range of expiry times, from 30 seconds all the way up until seven day expiry’s, end of month expiry’s. They also offer a mobile app for all the different mobiles and also the tablet versions.

They have an extended range of option types, from your traditional High/Low to your turbo options, which is all your 60 second, 30 second options. They also have a ladder feature, which is quite cool. The One Touch option and also the Forex trading option. And you’re going to be able to trade all Forex’s, all commodities, indices, and stocks.

Once you log in to GOptions and go to the trading platform area, this is the default screen you’re presented with. By default it is on the High/Low binary option type. And so on the sub menu you have here at the top, you have the various other options types. You have Long Term, which is for options longer than a day, all the way up to basically seven days ahead.

The next one is your 60 second options, or they’ve grouped theirs into Turbo. Because they actually have more than just 60 seconds. There’s also 30 seconds, 90 seconds, 120 seconds, and 300 seconds. For these Turbo options the minimum trade amount is a lot less. It’s $5 all the way up to a max trade of $500.

Next one is the One Touch where you wish to, basically, you have to hit a certain strike price to win the trade. They also have a ladder feature, which is quite good to use. I highly recommend this for news trading or what is a very, very strong trend.

And the last option here is the Forex trading, which is new to GOptions. And I think you’re going to be saying this a lot more introduced to a lot of binary option brokers, which gives you the ability to put a stock loss and also take profit. So there’s actually no expiry’s in this Forex trading option.

It’s done very similar to Forex trading. You have a contract size. You have the stock loss amount that you’re willing to lose, so you actually select the amount that you’re willing to lose and also the amount you actually want to actually take, what you actually want to profit with, which is a very, very cool way to do the trading. And the last option here is popular pairs. So you can have one asset versus another asset.

So we’ll go through and do some examples of how it works. So on the vanilla call options, you can select your assets from the drop down menu. You also have some pretty cool layer features here where you can order it in different layers that you wish to use. But particularly like this particular layer. So it flows a lot better as to how you trade options. You have your asset type and choose your expiry time. Currently this particular platform uses the GMT time. So the next available option is at 1:30 in the morning. Minimum investment of $25.

So when you put in, you get your potential payout listed below. So it’s an 85% payout here. So if I put in $30 it’ll go up to 55 payout. So you’ll get your original $30 back plus the $55. Sorry, you’ll get your originally $30 back plus the $25.50 on top. So we’ll put in $25.

Actually we might have to go up to $45. Because it’s five minutes left. The clock is actually at 1:25 GMT. So we’ll go up to the next 15 minute option. So we’re going to do Put. And we’ll hit Apply. That’s how you execute a trade option on the up and down or the High/Low or the Call Put version of an option type.

So if you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see here you have your open positions and your expired positions. So here you can keep track on how it’s going. So the strike price is where we have to win this option but it has to go below this strike price.

There’s also options where you can double up if you’re really liking the way the trade’s going. You can actually extended your expiry time to a longer time. You can also sell your position if you don’t like the way it’s going and you’ll get a percentage back of your initial investment.

So moving on to Long Term. So as I mentioned, it’s exactly the same as you’re getting with your up and down one, but it’s a longer expiry that’s offered. So this particular one here is today’s date is the third of June. Next expiry offer is the sixth of June and the 13th, 20th, all the way to the end of the month.

So we’ll moving on to Turbo. So you select your expiry time here from 30 seconds to 300 seconds. Select your asset. You can change this chart to show a small time frame. This makes sense to be on the lowest time frame possible. I probably recommend, actually, if you’re doing 60 second or particular small time frames is to use a MetaTrader chart and put it on the one minute chart. So it’s a $5 minimum investment. So the payout’s going to be $8.50.

So at this point we’ll do a Call just to do an example of how this works. So that’s a one click execution. Doesn’t give you an option to cancel that, so be aware of that. So we’ll go down here. We can see the Call here. See how much time you’ve got left. The asset will highlight between red or green whether it’s a winner or a loser, green being a winner, red being a loser. So that one was a winner. Here you can also get onto your other options that are open or closed. So you can see this one’s still going. And you can also click to expire positions now. I’ve got one in the Turbo.

So we’ll move on to the Ladder feature. So the next available expiry is in half an hour slots at two o’clock. So you can increase your investment amount by clicking the plus or minus button here. And it doesn’t give you the ability to put in your own investment amount. It has to be in lots of $25, starting at $25.

And based on there, if the current strike price is at 1.36 and we get all the way up to 1.36125 and you actually select that particular option, you’re going to get a $400 payout. Obviously that has been a huge movement in the market. So that’s more of a higher risk trade. Obviously you go down to the next line, you’re going to get a smaller payout, but there is a smaller amount of risk. And then obviously if you think it’s going in a downwards direction you’ve got your two options here.

So we’ll move on to Forex trading. So this is a new feature that you’re going to be seeing a lot more in brokers. It’s very similar to what traditional Forex’s has done with stock losses and take profits. So it’s done and leverage as well. You see there’s leverage of one to 400.

So if you want to increase the amount you’re willing to lose and to when you can up your contract size here. And that’s going to set a base minimum or a stock loss and a take profit. You can also increase your stock loss and your take profit. By selecting how much you’re willing to lose, but keeping your contract size the most. So this means that you’re allowing yourself for a greater move in the market.

So if we want a profit of $100, we need the market now to move all the way up to 1.37400. It’s currently at 1.37. So we need quite a few pips for it to go up to win. And for us to get stopped out and take a loss of $50 we’ll move this down to $25. We don’t want this to go lower than– let me see here. A stop loss of 1.36340. So that’s how that works. And maybe also pick the direction if you’re doing a buy or a sell. So if you’re going long or doing a short.

So in this particular one, we’ll do going long. So for every $10,000 contract size, obviously, you’re using a leverage of one to 400, it’s actually only a $25 investment. So I might be willing to lose at a stop loss of 25. And I want this trade to take profit when it reaches a strike price that would be equal to $50 in profit. So we’re going to open positions. So you can see here we’ve got our Forex position.

So this one actually gives you a few more features as well. You can actually manage your position. So if you want to change things on the fly, you can increase your stock loss to be a bit more. Also you take profit. You can increase that as well. So you can’t actually decrease it, but you can increase it if you wish. So if you’re quite an experienced Forex trader, and also quite good with options as well, this is a good hybrid version to trade options with a stock loss or a take profit feature.

So moving on to the Pairs feature. I don’t use this very much. There’s generally not that many pairs available in the Australian time zone. Right now there’s Rio versus BHP. So you’re just trading off how these pairs are going in the market. So if you’re quite experienced with a few different assets, I would suggest using the Pairs feature.

So if you have any questions about GOptions, please comment below. I’d really like to know if you trade with GOptions if you’ve tried their Forex feature or their ladder options. It’s also good to know if your experience was a good one or bad one and help to share this with the community. Because this really does help other people who are thinking about depositing at GOptions or whether they should or not.

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