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TradEqual Review

TradEqual is a new binary options system that has been grabbing the attention of binary options traders everywhere. I said system, because instead of being a broker (which they are considered), TradEqual is more of a “middleman” that benefits if the trader wins. I will explain more as we go further into this review.

I will tell you about TradEqual… their brief history. I will examine the TradEqual terms and conditions. I will also explain if TradEqual offers a demo account and mobile trading. Lastly, I will tell you if I consider TradEqual to be a scam.

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  • Eliminating the broker winning from trader’s losses
  • Unlimited payout margins
  • Not yet licensed
  • Still new and has some bugs
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods
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Broker Information
  • Founded:2015
  • Company:Ultima Capital Limited
  • Incorporated:St Vincent and the Grenadines
  • License:
  • Platform:Proprietary
  • Minimum Deposit:$250
  • Minimum Withdrawal:$100
  • Returns:Unlimited
  • Minimum Trade:
  • Demo Credits:
Option Types
  • High/Low, Pairs, One Touch, Ladder, Forex
  • 30 sec, 60 sec, 90 sec, 2 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 1 hour, End Of Day
  • iPhone, iPad, Android




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About TradEqual

TradEqual is owned and operated by Ultima Capital Limited. Unlike other binary options brokers that write their own trades, TradEqual is set up much like a live poker game between several players. TradeEqual is essentially the House, and they win no matter which players win or lose the game.

The TradEqual system is a Proprietary Platform that is set up for traders to write their own binary options trades, or wager against another trader who has written a trade. TradEqual just takes a small percentage of the winnings after the trade is complete.

One example may be that you believe gold will drop in the next 15 minutes after viewing the signals, so you write a “Put” action on gold at $100 and set the payoff amount. You install it on the board and if a trader believes that gold will rise, they just may take your action. It is you against that trader, and not you against the broker.

TradEqual History

In realizing that binary options brokers actually make their money off the losses of traders, some expert traders decided to change that pattern. When brokers are making their money off the losses of investors, they are going to make sure that those traders lose. And, this is why there are so many binary options scams.

The experts at Ultima Capital Limited in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines opened TradEqual as the Facebook of binary options trading in October of 2015. It is quite new, and there are several bugs that will still need to be worked out, but the TradEqual system seems to be taking a popular grab of traders worldwide. But, at this time, United States traders cannot use the TradEqual system.

TradEqual Terms And Conditions

I decided to examine the TradEqual terms and conditions. I suggest you also do the same before creating an account. You can find those terms at the bottom of the TradEqual website. Do note that TradEqual takes a 2% “rake” of all trades.

TradEqual Withdrawal Terms and Conditions

As with all binary options brokers, traders must supply proper documents which would be a photo identification, a bill (utility) showing your name and address and copies of the credit card used to deposit.

The minimum withdrawal is $100 unless you are completely closing your account. Withdrawals are processed within 3 days and will be deposited back in the same form the deposit was made.

TradEqual Demo Account

At this time, with the peer to peer trading system that TradEqual maintains, there is no way to offer a demo account. I am sure the experts at TradEqual are trying to find a way to offer a practice account for traders.

TradEqual On Mobile

At this time, TradEqual does not offer a mobile trading platform. More than likely, they are working on one.

TradEqual Scam Watch

There is not one thing about TradEqual that would make me consider it a scam. I actually find it refreshing that someone has developed a platform that pits trader against trader. TradEqual has no rhyme or reason to scam, because they win no matter who loses. They are essentially the House that allows traders to trade against each other while TradEqual just takes their 2% cut.

The only place that they could possibly scam people is when it comes down to withdrawing money. I have not found any complaints against TradEqual in regards to withdrawals. I do understand that TradEqual has also sought licensing from CySEC and MiFID. I also understand they are trying to get regulated in every country they possibly can. From the looks of things, I believe that TradEqual should have no problems, because they have been completely transparent.

Have you traded through TradEqual? We would love to hear from anyone who has experienced this social type of trading. You can tell us in the comment area below.

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