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Trading View – Web Yes Stocks, Forex & Futures Free N/A Visit Review
Free Stock Charts Web Yes Stocks & Forex Free N/A Visit Review
Meta Trader – App Yes Stocks & Forex Free N/A Visit Review
ChartIQ – Web Yes Forex $8 Yes Visit Review Review is a modern day financial and stock charting program that is exceptionally fast, reliable, and simple to use. What makes it more special that it is free to use and anyone can use it without paying a single penny. When stock and financial charting programs are concerned, majority of the charting program do not focus on core issues and the services are unable to keep pace with the latest technology. Unlike many stock charting programs, is not at all based upon conventional technologies like Silverlight, flash, or Java. These technologies are not compatible with the latest trends as most of the people are browsing on high tech devices including smartphones and tablets and have dumped PCs for viewing charts. The modern gadgets are not compatible with old technologies and that is where the problem arises. is based on HTML5, the newest technology incorporated in modern day gadgets that are supported on all major platforms and OS. The program runs smoothly on the browser of all the devices including ulrabooks, tablets, and smartphones. The area for charting and tools in are quite similar to most of the charting programs where tools and located on left and above of the charting area. Daily price ranges are updated in real time. These price ranges are displayed in the form of a horizontal slide. This widget is quite impressive as users can view the latest price ranges in the form of a slider. There is headline widget where the latest updates about Forex and stocks are displayed. Users can customize this widget to incorporate updates they want to view. There is another attractive feature called the conversation widget that is pretty useful when the user has to review the charts for long periods. They can then make use of this widget to chat with other professional traders and investors who are viewing the same tool.

There are few buttons placed on the bottom tool bar to store and launch charts. There are also buttons for taking screenshots and sharing information on Twitter. Users can take screenshots and then share the images on Twitter profiles. Another notable feature is the button for “Publish idea”. Upon pressing the button, users can publish their complete chart on This published chart can be viewed by other experts within the professional community and opinions can be shared regarding the trading and investment. This feature is quite appealing as it adds a social element to the platform with the help of which traders and investors can share ideas and opinions and make new connections and contacts in the industry. comes with a strong support that helps users to learn about new updates features added time to time. What is adored by the users are the social media integration and “publish” option that allows the user to interact with other professionals in the market and take their expert opinion and advice. Users can add various different tools in the charts to make comparisons. is by far the most trusted financial and stock charting platform available online. Review which was earlier known as is considered to be one of the most reliable and top quality stock charting software till date. The software is ahead of most other stock chart software services which are run by broker over the web. Apart from being unreliable majority of the stock chart services are beyond expensive. Those who are relying on Yahoo Finance are lagging behind and are missing out on something great. These software for checking out stock prices have gotten quite outdated as many new modified and high tech services have been launched. The company that launched started off with stock chart software services back in year 2007 with a package called Telechart known otherwise as TCnet and made it free for the use of public. For majority of the professionals and experts working in the area of stock and trading, Telechart 2007 was the favorite option for stock charting. has a database filled with more than seven thousand stocks. It provides real time stock charts and related information for more than seven thousand American stocks, few popular foreign markets, all big Forex pairs, and internal data of the market. The software charts huge watch lists of stocks in which the people show interest and displays all real time price alterations. is a browser based stock chart software that works directly in the computer’s web browser. There is no need to download, install, and update the software. Today is the era of cloud computing where major and top quality software are embedded on a server and users can access it from anywhere in the world via their web browsers. People just need to open their browser and start using’s services online without any hassle.

With, users can get access to their own watch-list and configurations pertaining to charts over the web while sitting at their home. Users have to sign up for a free of cost account to alter and tailor the settings according to their needs and after doing that; a user will get all his updates saved automatically. If users attempt to add specific indicators on a particular chart, than those trend lines and indicators would be saved. enable the users to view their charts from any device from anywhere in the world. Besides charts, watch-lists can also be accessed from any device and there is no need to log on to the same device with which you saved the settings. All the saved stocks charts and lists can be accessed as they are saved on a server and all that is required is a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a working internet connection to access the account and saved data. is simple and easy to use and there is a variety of options to alter the appearance of the charts. Users can select from a range of standard plot styles like HLC, bar charts, area charts, line charts, OHLC, candle-stick charts and many more. Moreover users can make use of a number of ways to view their charts including intraday time frames and daily time frames. The software offers 25 tools for charting 68 most commonly used indicators. with a number of such impressive features is the most recommendable stock charting software for professionals in Forex industry. Review is said to offer the most effective stock charting services over the web for free. This platform offers community charts and updates from the stock market experts that are quite helpful for the newbies. The updates addresses general market conditions and focuses less on specific stock and financial trades and often they make use of company stocks to verify advanced level theories of market. Real time stock and financial quotes along with messages pertaining to market enhance the experience of trading in Forex. A number of experts and professionals have been using the services offered by over the web and many have subscribed to the John’s stockcharts services. These services enhance the accuracy and level of comprehension of the users pertaining to stock and financial trading and charts displayed improve the users’ understanding of key stock concepts.

With users do not get stock picks but get the opportunity to view detailed and huge stock charts that can be studied for better understanding. Unlike small graphics with little number of indicators, the charts provided by come with great detail so that beginners can quickly comprehend the key details. charges user with subscription fee but there is also a free version that comes with less features. The full package comes with huge stock charts, real time related information, and a bunch of indicators that are why most of the users prefer to pay the money and get more advantages. Those who are reluctant to pay money can still use the free version to get fundamental and basic knowledge about the stocks and financial trading and investment over the web. allows users to annotate the charts that are very helpful for finding trends and channels. The drag and drop tool is adored by the users and the option for utilizing multiple line thickness along with a range of colors and dashes are some of the notable features offered by Stock charts can be stored and shared with experts in the community and once the charts are saved, all the related data is updated automatically allowing users to view the evolution of their theories.

The platform comes with all commonly used indicators that majority of the users like to use. The program also enables the users to select from a variety of colors for the indicators. Users can add the indicator for price behind their charts and start passing the symbol as desired. This function is similar to the compare feature on most of the other stock charting software. Another noteworthy feature embedded in is the chart-school. The feature is free to use to allow beginners to learn essentials about the stock market without signing up for an account.

Scan engine is another appealing feature allowing users to add formulas, run and get a detailed list of stocks that meet the criteria of the stock mentioned by the user. is an impressive fundamental stock charting program to be used for regular investment and trading in the stock and financial industry. Review is considered to be the sole charting services offering a set of social stock market tools for technical analysis that are designed exclusively for web, smartphones, and tablets. The products offered by the platform are utilized by professional investors, traders, and brokers and are registered by popular financial sites and brokerage services and many big technology organizations. has recently released their app for iOS and it has been a huge success since the day of launch. The products and services offered by are pretty simple and impressive. The market is flooded with stock charting apps but majority of them have serious drawbacks and shortcomings and are built on outdated technologies like Java and Silverlight. These technologies are not supported by modern day gadgets like tablets and smartphones that are commonly used by majority of the people today for viewing websites. has been built using the latest technology supported by all latest tablets and smartphones. The well designed app allows the users to view stock charts with great convenience on the go. There is also a learning tool incorporated in the app that enables the users to go back and view various kinds of scenarios including breakouts, choppy markets, crashes and trending markets. Users can learn how to manage these scenarios virtually. There are many packages and apps for charting but nothing compares to the elegance of the allows the users to share their technical analysis of the stock charts with the social community of professional experts in an interactive way. The platform has developed a range of innovative data visualizations for viewing charts and data quite easily on different devices. is designed and developed for professional stock traders, investors, and expert chartists and offers a variety of indicators, tools, and features which are unmatchable. offers top quality stock data and charts free of cost and affordable subscriptions for real time and provides intraday data with precision. The customer quotes killer feature combines with stock-twists is an attractive option for the traders. Users can chat with experts in the finance industry in a community of more than 150,000 members who share opinions about finance and stock market. ChartIQ.comallows users to view, conduct search, and take part in the discussions with the help of the stock-twist panel.

Other noteworthy features include creating unlimited watch lists and instant flipping through the charts. The charts and watch lists can be flipped quickly on the iPad and smartphone as charts are optimized for touch screen platforms. Users can pinch to zoom, go back to history, and get a clear view of their stock charts, thanks to the latest technology incorporated by Complete range of tools and indicators for technical analysis is offered along with drawing tools to be used on touch screen devices. Tools and indicators can be customized in a variety of colors as desired by the users making the viewing charts quite a fun. offers the most elegant and clean app for getting an obstructed view of detailed stock carts on modern gadgets including tabs, ultrabooks, and smartphones.