Binary Option Auto Trading Review

It is a somewhat new automatic binary options trading robot that allows traders to perform other tasks while the system makes trades for you.

The system doesn’t require any downloads, as it is completely browser based.

In this review, I am going to take a close look at Binary Option Auto Trading. I will give you some pros and cons, and explain about this system. I will tell you how to join and how Binary Option Auto Trading works. I will also give you any results I can find and I will give you my opinion if this auto trading system is a scam.

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  • No downloads
  • Wide variety of binary option brokers
  • No demo account
  • Not transparent about where signals come from
Binary Option Auto Trading Info
Binary Option Auto Trading Details
Price: FWFB  Signal Type: Software Algo / Pro Trader
ITM: N/A  Signal Execution: Auto Trader
  Signal Delivery: Direct to your linked broker

About Binary Option Auto Trading





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About Binary Option Auto Trading

Binary Option Auto Trading is a fairly new automatic trading robot that works in conjunction with multiple binary option brokers. Traders simply create an account and are given a recommended broker, but traders can use multiple brokers with the auto trading system.

The Binary Option Auto Trading system claims to attain signals from several binary options trading professionals. These signals are used to make your trades on the assets you choose.

How To Join Binary Option Auto Trading

Joining Binary Option Auto Trading is simple. You just click “Open Account.” You will then be taken to a sign-up page where you will have to give your full name, your email, the country you reside in, a password and your phone number. After giving the information, you will be suggested one of the affiliated brokers.

Binary Option Auto Trading is free, but you will have to deposit money with the broker to begin trading. Once you have deposited money with the broker, you can adjust the robot’s settings so you can start making profits.

How Binary Option Auto Trading Works

The makers of Binary Option Auto Trading state that they receive signals from professional traders. Signals have 1 of 4 risk levels from low to high risk.

The robot will trade according to the settings you provide. The setting options are:

  • Daily Stop Loss. You can set a maximum daily loss amount.
  • Trade Amount. You can set the amount of each trade.
  • Maximum Daily Trades. You can set how many total trades can be made on any given day.
  • Reverse Tracking. If you believe the robot is making bad trades, you can turn this on and it will do the exact opposite of the robot.
  • Asset Choices. You can leave all assets on or you can choose the assets you are willing to allow the robot to trade.
  • Risk Levels. You can set your choice of risk levels from low to high. It will only accept signals that fall in the zone you choose.
  • Signal Times. You can choose the time frames for signal endings.
  • Signal Provider. Here you choose the signal provider you wish to use.

Once you make these choices and turn the system to auto trade, it will use these choices to make trades for you.

Binary Option Auto Trading Results

Binary Option Auto Trading is a fairly new automatic trading robot. I have yet to find any results from traders who have used this service.

If you have used Binary Option Auto Trading, feel free to share your results with us.

Binary Option Auto Trading Scam Watch

I do not believe that Binary Option Auto Trading is a scam, but there are several issues I question. First, there is no way to demo the system before using it. Also, there is no sign as to where and who is providing the signals that are used for the robot to trade from.

I do like the fact that Binary Option Auto Trading does not use hyped up messages to gain traders.

Personally, I believe there are better automatic binary options trading systems, but we will keep a close eye on Binary Option Auto Trading. Again, if you have used this binary options trading system, please share your results with us.

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