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Centument is a new binary options auto trader developed by professional ex-Wall Street trader, Gerald Reed. Visitors to the website are presented with a video from the trader himself explaining how the system works and how it is possible to make substantial profits using his software. Centument Assets Trading Software, as it is called, is a web-based algo-trading system that trades automatically with the use of algorithms. It utilises existing infrastructure and fast computer systems to buy and sell assets, currencies and futures in the financial markets.

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  • New auto trader with no proven track record
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Centument boasts a friendly user-interface, allowing traders to set the auto trader function to full or semi-automation, according to their preferences. Trades are performed directly into a user’s trading account and due to the software’s simplicity, it can be used by anyone, even with no trading skills, knowledge or experience. Furthermore, no downloads are necessary and it can be used from any computer or mobile device.

Being very easy to set up, users can be trading and profiting with Centument within minutes. Unlike many other auto traders, Centument works effectively because it involves making frequent small trades to produce small amounts of profits throughout the day. In the words of Gerald Reed, the software takes “smart risks, not longshots, or swing for the fences gambles, and is based on a number of successful trading methods that are successfully utlised by Wall Street experts.

With Centument, traders don’t need to make any calculations or study any financial charts. Less than an hour after joining, users will have a live trading account and can start receiving signals for trading. Users can then start generating profits from day one with a simple one-click trading system. There is also twenty-four hour support available for those who need it with a customer service team that is able to provide a fast service to its members.

Following several months of beta testing, Centument looks like it could produce a solid income from binary options, even for someone who has never traded before. Whether Centument is actually capable of producing sustainable and profitable results, however, remains to be seen. We have heard some reports that the software can produce an average daily win rate of up to 80%, but as we have not yet found sufficient evidence to prove this, we believe the verdict is still out on Centument.

Centument – How To Join

Traders are not required to pay anything when they sign up and no future payments will ever be required.
To get started, traders need to visit the Centument website where they will find a box requesting an email address. The next step is to click on the button which says “Start making money now!” Users are then automatically directed to a page where they can open an account with a binary options broker and deposit money in order to trade. The minimum deposit requirement is $250.

Centument works automatically with a trader’s account, so once they have deposited funds, they can start auto trading and accumulating profits straight away.

Centument – How It Works

When signing up for the service, traders get to open a trading account with a binary options broker which will be fully synchronised with the Centument software, ready to go.

The software itself, has been meticulously created with a unique algorithm which uses all the best trading techniques available and effectively integrating them into one smart trading algorithm. The auto trader is thus able to place trades on behalf of the trader at the most lucrative price offered. There is also a range settings that users can select from, including semi-automated and totally automated options. This allows them to trade the signals either on their own, or allow the auto trader to do it for them.

Having been professionally developed to follow special patterns within the market, the auto trader takes care of all the hard work with no need for traders to conduct any analyses or adhere to any charts. Traders can start generating profits by using Centument’s simple one-click trading system.

Centument Results

Centument claims that users can obtain an in-the-money rate of up to 80%, with the possibility of making $770 every hour. In addition, there are also several “testimonials” on the site from big name financial publications including Bloomberg, as well as some from a number of Wall Street “heavy-hitting traders”. As another new auto trader in the market, we are waiting for feedback from users regarding results that have been achieved. We will provide an update once we have evidence that the win rates promised are really achievable and would welcome any feedback from anyone who can share their results with us.

Centument Scam Watch

As with any new piece of auto trading software, it is early to say whether Centument lives up to its claims. We cannot confirm its legitimacy so those wishing to check it out are advised to start off by conducting smaller trades to limit any risks. While Centument seems to offer traders good profit potential, we haven’t really found enough evidence to justify their claims. We believe it may be preferable to choose another proven binary options auto trading solution, pending some evidence of user success rates.

Centument Mobile App
Those who sign up for the service will find that there is a mobile-friendly trading app available for smartphones and tablets.

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