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Copy Buffett is a binary options robot which, according to its website, is designed to help binary options traders earn more than $1,970 every day. The idea behind this software is to copy the trading methodologies of Warren Buffett and make money. The robot was developed by Jeremy Fin, a software developer who created the system after continually experiencing losses when trading. He figured out that the best way to become successful was to copy the experts in the market.

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  • 100% auto trading software
  • Syncs with industry-leading binary options brokers
  • New software therefore no track record
Copy Buffet Info
Price: FWFB  Signal Type: Software Algo
ITM: 80%  Signal Execution: Auto
  Signal Delivery: Direct to your linked broker

About Copy Buffet





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Traders should be aware that there is no connection with this service and Warren Buffett himself, although it is reassuring that the developers of this robot make no such claims, either during the video presentation or visibly on the website. It is very clear in stating that the system just uses the trading strategies used by Buffett. So far so good.

Although Copy Buffett is a new robot, it has been attracting a lot of interest throughout the trading community thanks to the fact that it allows traders to make money easily as well as letting them try out the system for 30 days at no cost. After this period, traders who are happy with the results can continue using the service by paying a 5% fee.

Whether Copy Buffett is capable of producing sustainable and profitable results remains to be seen but the early indications look good. Many traders have already reported a high success rate with the software, so for those who have been waiting for a binary option robot that promises steady earnings from their investment, backed by a 24/7 customer support team to answer any queries, Copy Buffett is one of the most attractive options currently out there.

Copy Buffett How To Join

To join Copy Buffett, traders can register through the webpage at by clicking on the ‘Sign up’ button and entering their name and email address.

The next step is to select a regulated broker from the members’ area and register to open a binary options trading account. A minimum deposit of $250 will be required for trading purposes.
After signing up, traders need to click the ‘Auto Trade’ button in order to activate the Copy Buffett software, after which it will begin to trade on autopilot. Profits will appear in a trader’s account as soon as a winning trade is completed and withdrawals can be requested at any time.

Copy Buffett is free for the first 30 days. Those who want to continue trading after the trial has ended have to pay 5% of their profits. Traders who do not wish to continue using Copy Buffet after the 30 days is up can keep all the profits made during that time with no hidden fees or extras to pay.

Copy Buffett – How It Works

This good thing about Copy Buffett is that it is 100% risk-free and users will not be asked to pay anything to use it. In addition, at the end of the 30 day trial period, traders will only be working on a fair 5% revenue share model.

Copy Buffett itself, is reliable trading software which performs well on autopilot. It can be synced with a regulated binary options broker and the signals can generate up to 500 automated trades a day. This increases the potential to make faster profits from binary options. The developers claim that it is possible to make over $1,970 daily with the software and even on days when the market volume is considered low, traders can still make a significant amount of money.

Copy Buffett Results

Copy Buffett has attracted many users due to its low risk entry and the promise of excellent results. Traders who watch the video will note that the software guarantees success rates of at least 80%. There are also a number of testimonials on the site providing positive feedback on the service. As far as we are concerned, Copy Buffett is a new robot, so we are waiting to hear further feedback from users regarding results that have been achieved. We will provide an update once we have evidence that the 80% win-rate claimed is achievable.

Copy Buffett Scam Watch

It is early to say if Copy Buffett is a scam. The early indication is that it appears to be a legitimate system, particularly as traders cannot lose money by trying it for 30 days. In addition, the software works with CySEC regulated brokers who would not knowingly wish to be associated with a scam. Jeremy Fin and the developer team behind the Copy Buffett software are also known in the industry and their contact details are transparent. In our opinion, Copy Buffett is worth checking out as it offers traders good profit potential, pending some evidence of user success rates.

Copy Buffett Mobile App

Copy Buffett offers a free mobile platform allowing traders to use their smart phones or tablets. Traders can therefore continue trading and keep an eye on their results while they are out and about and on the go.

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