Fintech Ltd Review

Have you recently been emailed about an automatic binary options trading system called Fintech Ltd?

I have, so I decided to research this system to determine if it is a safe and reputable automatic trading robot.

I will tell you about Fintech Ltd including their history. I will explain how to join and how it works. I will also provide any results I have found, and lastly, I will give my opinion if Fintech Ltd is a scam or not.

I strongly suggest you read this completely before signing up with Fintech Ltd.

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Daniel Roberts was the owner of a technology company and had an employee in financial troubles from investing in stocks. After helping his employee, Daniel had an idea that he and his team could use the same data analysis methods they used with technology to develop a similar analyzing method for binary options.

They went to work developing the software and after testing it with his own money, Daniel claims it has made he and his staff a lot of money.

The software just hit the internet in April of 2016, and Daniel claims it has made people rich.

How To Join Fintech Ltd

Before I explain this, I must tell you that I recommend that you do not join Fintech. You will understand why I say so further on in the article.

They made joining quite easy. You simply enter your name and email. They will also ask you to enter a phone number, and I am sure you will get a call soon from a con artist.

Since I did not go through the complete process, I cannot tell you the next steps, but normally you will have to choose from one of Fintech’s recommended brokers, and I would gamble that most are not licensed or regulated.

How Fintech Ltd Works

To be quite honest, no one actually knows how the Fintech system works.

The only control that you will have is the trade amount.

Since the system is free, Fintech is probably receiving reimbursements from the brokers they recommend.

Fintech Ltd Results

You will see on the homepage of Fintech Ltd several people who are giving positive testimonies. When I do picture searches, I find the majority of the people pictured are stock photos that were purchased from various photograph sites.

So are these people real? I doubt it.

I cannot find any results listed in any other places, but I do find many reputable binary options websites giving strong warnings against Fintech Ltd.

Scam Watch

I would have to say immediately that Fintech Ltd has all the signs of being a scam. You would be better off finding an automatic trading system that you have more setting control.

There is no transparency with Fintech Ltd and I have my doubts that Daniel Roberts is the true leader of this scam.

There have been too many lies with the top one being a claim that they were founded in 2013. If so many years ago, why did the website just get registered in 2016?

Daniel also claims if you join you will make $2,500 per day guaranteed. Hmmm??? No system can guarantee those kind of results.

I say that you should be wise and run far from Fintech Ltd. Find a system that has a better reputation. There are several on this website.

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