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The Gold Digger binary options trading robot was released just not long ago. It was developed by 2 Russians by the names of Ronald Kravchuk and Antony Kemble. The reason behind the system being named Gold Digger is the fact that the robot focuses primarily on trading gold.

We all know that gold is a tried and true investment commodity, so Antony and Ronald hit us with a wise move explaining that they have found a loophole for making great profits in short term gold trading. Is it true, or is Gold Digger just another binary options trading scam?

We are not affiliated with Gold Digger. The review you are receiving is meant to provide all possible Gold Digger investors with the honest and upfront information so they can make the wisest decision in whether to use this system.

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  • The main trading item is gold.
  • Antony and Ronald have been involved in other robots that have had positive reviews.
  • The home page of the Gold Digger website says no B.S. instant download, no broker sign-ups, no email optins and no payments. These all seem to be downright lies that immediately create a scam attitude to those of us who have viewed scams.
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About GOLD Digger





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About Gold Digger

Gold Digger is a binary options trading robot that was developed by 2 Russian scientists who have the names Antony Kemble and Ronald Kravchuk. Are those really Russian names?

Unlike most other binary options robots that zone in on any commodity, Forex and other options, Gold Digger focuses on the precious gold. Antony and Ronald claim they have found a loophole in the gold trading system where they can profit quick and often. They have offered to share that system with all of us.

Gold Digger allows traders to trade manually using the signals that it provides, or the trader can set the system to auto and let it make trades for you. It does trade in items other than gold too, but the main focus is the trading in gold binary options.

An example may be: Gold Digger tells Frank that they believe gold will drop in price in the next 15 minutes. Frank bets $50 on it and the payoff is at 82%. So if the gold does drop, Frank would collect $91 with a profit of $41. If the gold rises, Frank loses all $50.

How To Join Gold Digger

I decided to sign up for Gold Digger and see what it entails. On the homepage of the Gold Digger website, beneath where it says: No B.S. Downloads, there is a button that says Download Now. I pressed the button.

The system is now trying to install on my system. My malware scanner is not finding anything “fishy” yet, so I will download it. I will say that after pressing run on the download, my laptop is taking a long time to run it. I hope there are no viruses attached to this software.

The software does have the proper license and terms disclosures before installing it. I agreed and allowed the system to install. Now that the software is downloaded, I am opening it to view the process. What I am getting is a sign in page and I do not have a log in or password, but below that is a button that says to create and fund a brokerage account. I will click that and see what happens, but I am not going to drop any money into this system.

The system sent me back to my browser where it says they will give me log-in info after I fill out the broker’s form and deposit money with them. They offer 2 brokers which are Interactive Option or Binary Book.

As I am not prepared to deposit any money in this system, I will stop with the process here. I am also going to delete this software from my system and run my virus scan.

After doing so, I found no viruses or malware.

How Gold Digger Works

While the majority of other binary options trading robots use your browser to trade on, the Gold Digger system actually downloads their software on your computer.

Once you deposit money with 1 of the 2 recommended brokers, you can use the software. While I was not able to view the software, I have viewed other reviews that show some of the particulars.

Gold Digger works in a similar format to the browser based robots. You set the trade amount, and you can make trades manually by following Gold Digger’s signals, or making your own trades. You can also set the system to auto and allow it to make the trades for you based on their signals.

Gold Digger Results

Gold Digger was released in September of 2015. This is a short time to find any results.

I will say that the developers have been involved with some successful binary options systems. We will be watching closely how the Gold Digger system reacts, and we also are looking for anyone who has used the Gold Digger system. Please tell us your results.

Yes, you can find positive reviews on the internet, but the majority of these are affiliated with Gold Digger. They get a commission when you sign up and deposit money, so they are going to give good reviews.

Gold Digger Scam Watch

I have a huge mixture of thoughts about the Gold Digger system. The website looks clean and easy to manage. The software had no viruses or malware.

Now I do have some issues with the lies on the front page. You do have to deposit money. I honestly believe that if this system was not a scam, they would offer a demo in which a trader could try it out without depositing money.

I will say that if this system is a scam, it is a very good one. Ronald and Antony are going after the “gold fever” people. We all know that gold is one of the best investment sources on the market.

Personally, I recommend using a binary options trading system that has been proven reliable. Gold Digger is new, and there are signs it could be a scam. We will watch Gold Digger closely and see.

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