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There have been many traders asking if they can use any of the wide variety of automatic trading robots with the binary options broker IQ Option. The answer until just recently was always no. But there is a robot that will work with IQ Option now; or should I say many robots?

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Price: FWFB  Signal Type: Software Algo
ITM: N/A  Signal Execution: Automatic
  Signal Delivery: Instant

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IQ Option is one of the trustworthy and reliable binary options brokers in operation. They are CySEC licensed and regulated and operate via their own proprietary trading platform.

Many traders have found IQ Option to be their favorite binary options broker. And now there seems to be even more reason to trade through IQ Option.

IQ Option added a unique feature in which you can create your own automatic trading robot to use in making your trades at IQ Option. You can design it with the trading methods you feel are the best.

What’s more, if you discover another person has created a successful IQ Option robot, you can use their robot to make trades for you.

How To Create IQ Option Robots

Creating your own IQ Option robot can be highly technical or you can make it quite simple. You can develop your robot using various indicators.

You specify the algorithms your IQ Option robot will use and then you can test your system and see if it is profitable.

To create a robot, you simply create a free account at IQ Option. You will then choose your trading strategy based on many variables. Some of these are various indicators and trends. You can start from scratch or choose a semi-set robot scheme.

The next step will be testing your robot with current market conditions. If your IQ Option robot tests good, you can name it and publish it for your use along with other traders.

Other traders cannot change your robot’s abilities.

Choose IQ Option Robots From Other Creators

IQ Option publishes the most successful robots over various time periods. If you find another trader’s robot that is doing well, you can choose to use their robot to make your trades for you.

If you feel the robot is slipping, you can change to your own or another creator’s robot.

IQ Option Robots Results

IQ Option Robots has just started recently. I was examining some of the created robots and I have viewed some amazing results.

  • In the last 24 hours, the robot Andreas created has been successful at +243%.
  • In the last week, Paolo created a +98% robot.
  • In the past 30 days the robot Humphrey created has shown +113%

Now results can vary, but as you can see this early in the IQ Option Robots history, there are great results.

Since it is free to create, you should give it a go.

IQ Option Robots Scam Watch

There is not a reason in the world this would be a scam. It is free to create, so why would any scam be taking place?

Besides, IQ Option is fully licensed and regulated by CySEC. As such, certain countries are not allowed to trade on their system. This includes the United States.

I highly recommend that you should try creating your own IQ Option Robot. You may be able to develop the next highly successful system that can help people gain huge profits.

I must say that IQ Option made great strides in this unique approach. Will other binary option brokers follow suit?

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