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Price: $19.99 per month  Signal Type: Software Algo
ITM: 93%  Signal Execution: Auto Trader
  Signal Delivery: Direct to your linked broker

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RobotFX is an automatic trading platform which allows traders to generate profits with just one simple click. RobotFX has a strong reputation for being the most advanced autotrading software around, taking online trading to the next level. RobotFX boasts an effectiveness rate of 93% and with over 25,000 licenses sold and personalised technical assistance available to every trader, it’s easy to see why it has become such an in-demand autotrader within the industry.

RobotFX offers traders the chance to trade with 179 financial assets including currencies, commodities and stocks. With an extremely user-friendly interface, all that a trader needs to do is turn on the robot, select a risk level and the investment amount per trade. RobotFX works 365 days a year and there is also a chat line available 24/7 with a technical support team on hand to deal with any queries. There are also several telephone numbers according to a trader’s country of residence, offering direct assistance as required.

RobotFX’s main objective is to help traders succeed on the financial markets and it’s fair to say it has done just that. An outstanding autotrader backed by a team of specialists from the industry expertise and topped by a thoroughly professional approach makes RobotFX a must-have autotrader for every serious trader.

RobotFX – How To Join

Joining RobotFX couldn’t be simpler. There are two options available for traders, the first of which is a monthly membership fee of $19.99, including all monthly updates.

Alternatively, there is a free version. There are no differences at all between the two versions with both robots designed to achieve the highest earnings as possible. The membership version allows traders to trade with more than just one of RobotFX’s recommended brokers, while the free one only works with the broker in which the initial deposit has been placed. Apart from this, they are exactly the same with both versions being regularly improved and updated. All updates are included and do not carry any additional charge.
RobotFX How It Works

RobotFX works non-stop, selecting the most profitable financial assets each day and places trades based on different signals and market trends.
RobotFX allows for automatic operations and guarantees profits. With just one click, traders can start making money.

The brains behind this software is a group of talented industry experts who have developed an accurate solution to currency and financial asset trading. The robot is regularly optimised so that it can continue producing ongoing successful results while generating profits. RobotFX works only on on its recommended broker platforms – those who the company sees as reliable brands. When it comes to placing trades, even a 10 second delay can make the difference between success and failure and this is why it places so much emphasis on the right brokers in order to guarantee profits.

It is very easy to make money with RobotFX as the software has been especially designed for users who don’t have previous experience in trading.

Traders just need to sign up with RobotFX and fund their account with RobotFX’s recommended broker in order to start making money automatically. Deep financial knowledge is not required, just time and commitment.

RobotFX Results

With RobotFX, traders can make an average of between $150-320 dollars per day, depending on their trading level. There are various trading levels that can be set up depending on the expertise of the trader.

As the most advanced auto trading software available in the industry today, RobotFX has truly revolutionised online trading. It is proven to be 93% effective over open trades, making it a highly successful money making machine and the ideal way for traders to maximise their profits. There are thousands of people making income on a daily basis using this robot and the results speak for themselves.

RobotFX Scam Watch

RobotFX is recognised as being one of the best auto trading software programs on the market today. RobotFX was created not only to assist seasoned traders, but to help those who are new to trading with no experience whatsoever. The software is very simple and easy to use and the success of this autotrader lies in the strong foundations it has built and its reliable win-rates. It was designed by experts with years of experience in delivering a safe and credible binary options trading experience for all. It also offers a 100% money back refund, and is therefore not a scam.

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