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  • Guaranteed 60% ITM return during subscription term
  • Traders need to use the same platform or broker as the signal provider for it to work
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Signal Push Details
Price: $100 – $200  Signal Type: Analyst
ITM: 72% -85%  Signal Execution: Manual
  Signal Delivery: Dashboard / Mobile App

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SignalPush was launched in 2012 and is a leading source for binary options signals. While signals are central to its business, SignalPush also offers a binary options API and signals for other markets as well as news alerts, trade signals and alerts for forex, differentiating them from other providers in the industry.

SignalPush is essentially a free automatic trade copier service which works by connecting traders to independent signal providers and allowing them to copy their trades in real-time. Traders can choose from a range of signal providers who charge a monthly subscription and view their win-rates and historic trades before proceeding to copy them.

SignalPush is compatible with a number of binary options brokers. Its verified platforms include CTOption, StockPair and RBOptions which means traders receive a free month of signals and API credits if they open an account with one of these brokers. Other platforms that are verified but are not yet eligible for the free month include MarketsWorld, NADEX and IGMarkets. SignalPush also offers a guaranteed 60% ITM during a subscription term, otherwise the next week is discounted by 70%.

SignalPush is very easy to download and set up and is suitable for beginners. The service also gives users the option to trade signals manually for those who prefer not to use the autotrader. Traders wishing to trade 24/7 can find instructions on the website explaining how to trade automatically with a VPS.

One of the biggest advantages of SignalPush is the transparency of the service and unlike many other signal providers, all the previous signals are posted on the website along with the average win-rate, asset and time. This allows traders to choose a reputable signal provider and understand the risks and rewards before signing up.

SignalPush How To Join

To get started, traders simply need to open an account and download the software onto their computer. Once the account details have been verified, traders can proceed by clicking on “Provider Marketplace” to view all the binary options signal providers. SignalPush provides complete transparency, allowing traders to view the historic win-rate trades taken by different providers.

In order to subscribe to any of these signal providers, traders need to pay a monthly fee. Each signal provider charges their own monthly fee based on their trading volume and success rates which usually averages somewhere between $100-$200 per month.

SignalPush How It Works

SignalPush is very easy to use. Traders simply need to go to “Trade Copier” and choose a provider from the drop down menu. Here, traders can set up their trade preferences and choose to have their trades copied, if required. Next, they need click on “Platforms” to log in to their broker’s account which will ensure the trades taken by the provider are copied right into the trader’s account. The application sends out a notification as soon as a signal is sent from the provider and the trades received can be checked on the signals dashboard. Traders can still receive manual signals and place the trades themselves if they wish, in which case, they need to ensure they leave the “Copy To Platform” box unchecked so they can take the trades manually.

With SignalPush, traders can, depending on the provider, expect to receive between 2-5 signals per day. When the signals come through from the chosen provider, a button is shown to the side indicating “Take Trade”. After a trader clicks to take the trades, the app indicates whether the trade was accepted and at what rate. Upon expiry, it then indicates whether the trade won or lost and the amount of profit or loss generated.

SignalPush Results

SignalPush adopts a transparent approach by providing a leaderboard of signal providers which shows their average win-rate and number of trades over a period of one month, three months and an overall total. The average win-rate for signal providers on averages from lows of 62% to highs of 85%, depending on the signal provider and the number of signals provided. Traders should be aware that in order to use the autotrading feature, they need to be using the same binary options platform as the signals provider in order for the same trades and expiry times to be copied over.

SignalPush Scam Watch

We have not found any negative feedback for SignalPush which is a good sign for a signals service provider that has been in operation since 2012. There are a few disadvantages associated with the service i.e. the high monthly fees and conservative win-rates as well as the fact that you need to use the same broker or platform as the signal provider. However, this does not make them a scam as there are in fact, many strong features with this service including transparency of results on the website. This allows traders to choose a legitimate signal provider and understand the risks and rewards before signing up.

SignalPush Mobile App Review

SignalPush’s mobile trading platform provides traders with full compatibility, fast signals and high precision using an app called Pushover. Pushover delivers mobile notifications to a user’s phone when a trade signal is sent to the SignalPush app and is compatible with most existing mobile platforms such as tablet PCs and smartphones. It can be downloaded on the Apple App store and the Android Marketplace.

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