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Signals365 is a leading binary options signals service which provides over 100 signals per day on an intuitive signals interface. Traders can generate up to a 70% win-rate by following the signals on this site, equating to a 25% return on investment. Signals365 offers powerful strategies for maximising a trader’s wins and optimising their performance, helping them to generate a win-rate much higher than many of its competitors.

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  • 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour & End Of Day Expiry’s
  • $99.00 per month with Bringing Your Own Broker
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Price: $99 per month  Signal Type: Software Algo
ITM: 72%  Signal Execution: Manual
  Signal Delivery: Dashboard

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One of the main advantages of using is that it is a web-based signals platform that doesn’t require traders to sign up with a new broker. All results are published on their website for full transparency, offering reassurance to all traders. Signals365 software is also ideal for beginners as minimal trading experience is required to use it.

Signals365 works across all devices, generating sound alerts for all new signals. It goes beyond simply sending out signals and also teaches traders useful strategies in order to increase their win-rate. Signals365 trades across the 8 major currency pairs including the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, EUR/GBP, AUD/USD, NZD/USD and EUR/JPY and there are plans to add the USD/CHF and NZD/USD once the results have been tested.

Signals365 generates signals for 5m, 20m, 30m, 1 hour, end of day and long-term end of week expiry times, and with an average of 120 signals per day, traders are provided with more than enough trading opportunities to profit, allowing them to generate a respectable income.

It’s easy to see why Signals365 was one of the best-selling binary options signal products in 2014, winning’s “Best Signal Service 2014”, and are confident it will continue to perform with even greater success in the coming months.

Signals365 How To Join

To join Signals365, a trader is required to open an account with a recommended broker in order to gain free access to the signals. Otherwise, there is a monthly subscription of $99.99 per month. Traders who decide to use a recommended broker will be reassured that Signals365 only chooses regulated brokers with fast withdrawals and good customer support, so they know they are in good hands. Signals365 will require proof of this account which needs to be emailed to them for confirmation. As soon as a trader signs up they will receive instant access to the Signals365 live signals interface. Traders will then need to wait for new signals including the date, asset, direction, time and expiry time to be generated on the website and then place their trades before the recommended countdown runs to zero.

Signals365 How It Works

Signals365 uses an algorithm which continually checks the value development of various assets, with the aim of discovering trends and patterns. When such a trend is found, traders are sent a signal that tells them what investment to make. Signals365 also actively filters out signals during major news events. This is because trends are less reliable when they are affected by external events. In this way, trading signals will always be up-to-date by using real world information and data. does not require any set up. Traders can simply access the software on their computer or mobile phone. As soon as a trader logs in to the members area they will be given access to all upcoming signals.

Signals365 Results

Signals365 generates a win-rate of up to 70% resulting in a 25% return on investment which is good enough to generate constant profits. Traders can further increase their win-rate by only choosing signals with a good recent track record. For example, traders receiving a signal on the EUR/USD on the 5M time frame can check previous results to ensure that the signals look good. Signals where the recent track record has been poor can be avoided.

The winning rates of Signals365 live up to what they promise and don’t make any claims that traders can win up to 90% of the time like other signals services are known to do. Although some signal services provide a slightly higher win-rate, most of these will only provide 2-3 signals per day, often meaning a trader will miss a trade, which is not the case with Signals365.

Signals365 Scam Watch

Signals365 is without a doubt, a reliable and dependable signals service. It is not a scam and provides genuine, simple to use signals with excellent customer service. We highly recommend Signals365 as a great and profitable binary options signals service. The website provides good win-rates, full transparency of results and 24/7 customer support.

Signals365 Mobile App Review

All Signal365 signals are updated on their website in an easy-to-use signal interface. Traders can also access their signals via computer, tablet or mobile phone. Every signal includes a count-down, sound-alert, signal price, expiry time, direction and asset.

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