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The binary options trading world has a wide variety of automatic trading systems. I came across a newer system by the name of Tradioneer. I have decided to provide you with an unbiased review of this newer binary options trading robot.

I will provide you with pros and cons. I will tell you about Tradioneer including how to join and how it works. I will also share what I have discovered with results of investors using Tradioneer. Lastly, I will give you my opinion whether Tradioneer is a scam.

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  • System is free
  • The minimum trade amount is $25
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Not long ago, several highly experienced traders joined forces to create a system in which binary options traders could use to make trades while they managed other tasks. The idea was to have a system that would trade in the same fashion the investor would if he/she was performing trades on their own.

The CEO of Tradioneer is Dan McWillis, and he, along with the other professionals developed Tradioneer into an automatic trading robot that would adhere to the settings the investor ordered, and would make accurate trades that have the best chances of being correct.

The most important part of Tradioneer was keeping it free to use, so Dan and his staff developed it in such a way that they gain revenue via ads keeping the system free for traders.

How To Join Tradioneer

Joining Tradioneer is quite simple.

All a person does is to create an account by giving needed information and supplying an email address. Once that is done, the trader will need to choose from one of the preferred binary options brokers that works with Tradioneer. Many of these brokers are licensed and regulated from CySEC.

Once the trader creates an account and chooses their broker by setting an account and depositing a minimum of $250, he/she then sets their system to trade in the way they desire. They can turn on the auto trading feature and Tradioneer will make binary options trades according to your settings.

How Tradioneer Works

Many auto trading systems do not allow investors the ability to control the robot’s method of trading. Tradioneer works in a very transparent way and investors can choose the trade amount, and what indicator services Tradioneer will use to determine trades.

Investors can also choose from 3 trading methods which are:


Along with that, the trader can choose the risk level of low, medium or high. You can also choose the amount of simultaneous trades that can be made.

Lastly, a trader does have the ability to manually trade through the system if they desire, and the great thing is, you can see how other traders feel about certain trades with an index.


Tradioneer is still quite new, but I have found several reviews in which they have been praised for the easy to use interface and the high percentage of wins.

There will always be those who have a negative outlook, so if you find one, do not accept that as the only review.

Overall, I see good results from Tradioneer.

Scam Watch

The Tradioneer automatic trading system is quite transparent. When I find trading scams, they will never name the person in charge, but Tradioneer tells us who the CEO is and they are upfront with how binary options trading does carry a level of risk.

I also love how they explain that they will never tell you that you will make millions, but they do tell you profits are readily available by using the system.

Lastly, the binary options brokers affiliated with Tradioneer have good reputations and would never align themselves with a known scam.

I believe Tradioneer is a good auto trading robot.

Do feel free to tell us your results after using their system.

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