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Trend-Xpert is a binary options signal and trading educational service that is brand new.

I am taking a close look at Trend-Xpert. I will tell you all I can find about this new service. I will explain how to join Trend-Xpert. I will attempt to tell you how Trend-Xpert works. I will share any results I have found, and lastly, I will tell you if I think Trend-Xpert is a scam or not.

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  • Seems professionally designed
  • Not a lot of hype about making tons of money
  • So new that there are very few results
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Price: FWFB  Signal Type: Software Algo
ITM: 84%  Signal Execution:
  Signal Delivery:

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About Trend-Xperts

Trend-Xpert is a brand new binary option’s signal service based in the United Kingdom. They offer 3 plans for binary options investors. You can get the software that provides signals in stocks, currencies, commodities and indices. You can choose to get just the binary options trading webinars, or you can opt to get both.

Trend-Xperts was developed in late 2015 and just went live in early 2016. It is my understanding that the same individuals who own and operate Option Bot are the ones who operate Trend-Xperts.

Personally, I am not impressed by Option Bot, but I will not let that stop me from reviewing Trend-Xpert.

How To Join Trend-Xperts

I decided to see how easy the process of signing up for Trend-Xpert was. On the right side of their page is a form to fill out. I decided to give them my information, and I will hope I don’t start receiving a lot of spam.

Well, it now says I can use the free trial if I contact the customer support along with synchronizing my broker account and funding it. This is where I stop, and I will soon see how many spam emails I receive. A big apology to who has the fake phone number I put.

How Trend-Xperts Works

When you read the FAQ section of the website, you are told that the software just provides signals and you will have to manually make the trades, but the system claims you need to sync one of the compatible brokers and fund them.

I am not clear if it is an auto trading system or just a signals service. It seems that if you are paying for the signals service, you could just manually trade yourself without having your broker attached.

Now, it does allow a copy trade feature, and this could be a part of the system.

I will say that Trend-Xperts does have an extensive list of compatible brokers.

They also offer a wide array of binary options trading training. Some just choose to take advantage of that feature.

Trade-Xperts Results

The only results I am finding on Trade-Xperts are written from other websites. With this system being so new, there just is not any results to provide at this time.

If you have used Trade-Xperts, we would like to hear your results. Please share them in the comment area.

Trend-Xperts Scam Watch

I have mixed emotions on the Trend-Xpert system. I will say that they do have an extensive list of compatible brokers, with most of them being trusted and reputable.

I am a person who believes in waiting to see how a system does before I jump in. Trend-Xperts is so new and untested, that I recommend being careful.

I don’t believe it is a scam, but I will be watching them closely.

I personally recommend Option Robot if you are looking for a reputable signals automated system.

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