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UpDownSignals is a popular binary options trading signals service which has been in existence for several years and helps traders execute profitable trades. The service is software-based and uses algorithms to generate entry and exit points on specific asset classes within specific markets. UpDownSignals advanced software analysis system sends out trading signals which are overseen by a group of experienced traders before being transmitted to subscribers.

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  • One week trial offer & 60 day money back guarantee
  • Traders need to be available to place trades in the suggested timeframe
UpDown Signals Info
UpDown Signals Details
Price: $97 per month  Signal Type: Analyst
ITM: 70%  Signal Execution: Manual
  Signal Delivery: SMS Mobile

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UpDownSignals provides signal alerts by SMS which predict whether the price of an asset will go up or down in the next three hours from the time the signal is received. No experience whatsoever is required to use the software and the signals work with any trading platform that allows you to trade in the 3 hour timeframe. UpDownSignals currently generates signals for currencies, commodities and indices and is known for its high accuracy rates and transparent results which can be viewed on the website. These are listed in a table, revealing the performance of the last 100+ days, together with a thorough weekly analysis.

With UpDownSignals there is no need to download any software and unlike many binary options signals services, traders do not need to register with any recommended binary options brokers.

UpDownSignals offers excellent customer support which is reachable via email. All queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently by a professional team who have a thorough understanding of the software and the knowledge to assist traders with any issues which may arise on their journey towards successful trading.

UpDown Signals is a solid binary options trading signal service which covers all aspects that traders are looking for in an effective signals software solution. With a high success rate, a low-cost trial package and a high volume of trading signals generated, UpDownSignals is a very attractive proposition for binary options traders of all levels and for every budget.

UpDownSignals How To Join

Joining UpDownSignals is simple and especially suitable for novice traders as it allows prospective clients to try out the service before investing in the full package. What’s more, for those who do decide to purchase the software, it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. There are three different options for subscribing to the service. The ‘Not Sure’ deal is a one week trial costing $25 which basically gives traders a week’s use to check it out. Traders can alternatively opt for the ‘Trader’s Choice’ at $66 per month which includes a one week trial, a free binary options e-book and is paid quarterly on a recurring basis or the ‘Standard Deal which costs $97 per month, includes a one week trial and is payable monthly. Payment can be made via the website by credit card or e-wallets including Neteller and Paypal.

UpDownSignals How It Works

UpDownSignals delivers its trading signals via SMS. SMS is the quickest and most up to date means of transmitting signals to traders and also enables traders using their brokers’ mobile apps to capitalise on those trading signals wherever they are.

All signals are created by means of a system which involves choosing the asset, examining the market opening, generating the signals using mathematical models, choosing the best signals and delivering the SMS to traders. The signals are essentially a 3 hour forecast of the price direction of several selected assets which traders receive signals daily, 1-2 hours after the beginning of the U.S. trading day. Once a trader has received the signal they can proceed to place the trade anytime between the time it is received and the expiry time. Traders generally receive between 1-5 signals per day and all recent signals sent out can be viewed on the results page of the website.

UpDownSignals Results

UpDownSignals publishes all its results on its website once or twice a week, depending on the number of signals sent. The service claims a success rate upwards of 70% which the developers claim can be verified by trying out the service for yourself. In this respect, traders can subscribe to the one week trial to assess the signals service to verify their profitability claims.

The website clearly reveals that UpDownSignals produces more winning than losing trades each week. That said, UpDownSignals realises that traders should be educated on money management and has devoted a full page on their website to guide traders through the various aspects of money management.

UpDownSignals Scam Watch

UpDownSignals has been around for some time now and longevity is usually a good indicator of a reputable service. Over the last few years, UpDownSignals has earned the trust of many traders with its signals service software and has a comprehensive and transparent website in which the actual results are regularly presented which appear to be respectable. For these reasons, we believe UpDownSignals to be a totally legitimate service. Nevertheless, we always suggest that it is best conduct your own research prior to proceeding.

UpDownSignals Mobile App Review

UpDownSignals does not offer a mobile app as such but the software enables traders using their brokers’ mobile trading apps to capitalise on their trading signals when they are out and about.

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