Virtnext Review

A binary options trading robot has just recently went live. It is called Virtnext, and their motto is: We Knock Out The Market.

In this review, we are going to take an extremely close look at Virtnext. Is it another binary options trading scam, or a reliable system that we can trust? As of late, it seems there has been an overload of binary robot scams, so I am quite suspicious of most I come in contact with. Do I have good cause to be suspicious of Virtnext?

We will see. I am hoping we finally have a trustworthy binary options trading robot.

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  • Shown to have over 75% success rate
  • CEO is a recognizable billionaire and not just a made up person
  • Major corporations trust Virtnext for their investments
  • A new system that has not been completely proven
  • Uses unneeded “sign up now” messages similar to scam software services
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About Virtnext

Virtnext is an automatic binary options trading software that just recently went live. Virtnext is owned by Virtnext Investments Ltd and the CEO is French billionaire Vincent Bollore. The great thing about knowing this is: the majority of scam robots use an unnamed or a fake named CEO as their front. Vincent is easy to find, as he has a profile page on both Forbes and Fortune.

Virtnext uses high speed computers and special algorithms to find the best trades. Thus far, Virtnext has had a great rate of accuracy.

How To Join Virtnext

Joining Virtnext is not difficult. You simply fill in your name and email on the home page of the website. On the next page, you will have to fill out more information for the recommended broker. This will include your full name, phone number and a password. Once you have been accepted, you will have to deposit $250 with the broker. Once you do so, you simply set the trading parameters. You can choose the trade levels, and any certain trading options you prefer such as currency pairs, commodities, stocks or indices.

How Virtnext Works

Virtnext has not provided their exact secrets, but we do know that when the first beta test came out, they were investigated for insider trading because of the high rate of success. Using high speed computers and a special algorithm, the system finds signals that have high odds of success. The robot is aligned with affiliated binary options brokers, and once you deposit money with the broker and set your parameters, the system will make trades that have a high probability of winning.

Trading in binary options can be similar to a coin flip. As an example, we will say that Virtnext puts your $25 on gold to drop in the next 5 minutes with a 77% profit scale. If the gold does fall, your profit would be $19.25, but if the gold rises, you would lose all $25. For a system to be successful, it needs to have well over a 60% success rate.

Virtnext Results

Can you feel my excitement?

While Virtnext is very new, the results thus far are simply amazing. I have not found fake testimonials; they are real people making real money off this system. Top binary options reviewers have tested Virtnext and have had great results. Besides, top corporations like Adidas, AOL, IBM, Shell and more trust Virtnext to make investments for them.

In checking out CEO Vincent Bollore, he is a wise man. If corporations are willing to trust their investments with Virtnext with Vincent at the helm, I believe we are safe in doing so too.

Virtnext Scam Watch

I can not even consider Virtnext anywhere near a scam. Personally, I am recommending this binary options trading software. I am quite happy to finally see a trading robot that has all the signs of being reputable. One top binary options trading reviewer tested the Virtnext software and for 40 days of solid trading, they have had a 76% in the money win rate. It is figures such as these that we love to see.

I believe I will invest money in the Virtnext system.

If you have used the system and would like to share your results, please do so in the comments area below. We are excited to know that Virtnext is not a scam, and we hope it will stay reliable.

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