XL Signals Review

XL Signals is a new binary options signals service. Upon visiting the website, we see a smiling, beautiful woman greeting us. As we scroll down, we see that this signals service states that it is free and will work with any binary options broker.

In this review, we will attempt to determine if XL Signals is a safe and reputable binary options signal robot. I will tell you more about XL Signals. I will also tell you how to join and how it works. I will also tell you any results I can find, and if I believe XL Signals is a reputable signal service, or just another scam.

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  • No hype about making $thousands per day
  • Claims it can be used with any broker, but upon signing up, traders only have one broker they can use.
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About XL Signals

XL Signals just went live in January of 2016, so they are very new in the world of binary options. I cannot find any information as to who owns and operates XL Signals.

XL Signals has a total of 15 assets they offer signals on. They offer a free plan and a gold plan that costs $399 per month. The thing is, I cannot find what the difference is between the free and the gold plan.

XL Signals says that they analyze past market trends and predict the future from these trends.

How To Join XL Signals

I decided to go through the steps to join XL Signals so I can explain how it works.

All throughout the home page of their website, you will see join here buttons. I simply clicked one. At this point I have to fill out my name, email and phone number. I gave the information and clicked the get signals now button. I am now given the choice of a free account or the gold, $399 account. Wow, such a difficult choice, but I believe I will go free.

I clicked the get free account and I am taken to the Sigma Option binary options broker website. They claim I need to create an account there and deposit a minimum of $250. This is where I stop, because I really do not trust this unlicensed and non-regulated broker.

Now you know the sign up process at XL Signals.

How XL Signals Works

There is really no clear cut method drawn out on how XL Signals works. The system just claims that you set the win rate you desire, and it will produce signals with that rate or higher.

They state that they use past market trends to predict future market trends, but they have no explanation as to how they are able to do this.

XL Signals Results

With this system being so new, there are no results to provide. As some discover the affiliate system, I am sure we will see many false positives shortly, as most of these will be trying to make commissions getting people to sign up.

XL Signals Scam Watch

While the XL Signals has a professional design, and at first seems like a reputable signals service, I have doubts.

What has me assuming that it may be a scam is the fact that we are told we can use it with any broker, but we are sent to a binary options broker that doesn’t have a good reputation…Sigma Options. Secondly, why offer the exact same benefits with a free account and a $399 account? Are there really some ignorant people that will hand them $399?

I suggest you stay clear of XL Signals. I personally recommend Option Robot if you are looking for a reputable signals automated system.

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