Advanced Trading Strategies and Concepts

Addressing trader’s thirst for more knowledge


Following the basic strategies presented under the Trading Manual for the ones just taking contact with the currency markets, this educational series’ purpose is to address the so called medium trader, still a retailer, but with basic knowledge about market moving factors, price action, basic fundamentals, basic to medium technical analysis skills, etc. If you feel you know the principles of trading and want to see what’s more up there in the trading world, than you’re in the right place.

This project is about going into details on basic stuff, like Fibonacci, divergences, RSI (relative strength index), etc., but also introducing new concepts that should be taken into consideration when trading, like: price and time, candlestick charting techniques, how to deal with channels (standard interpretation and new techniques), advanced market geometry techniques, introducing astrology concepts like new moon and full moon influences in trading, and ending with how to deal with a contracting triangle (measured move, looking for the thrust of the triangle, Fibonacci relationships between the legs of the triangle, fifty percent line concept, estimating the end of the triangle, etc.),  as they are very common for the currency markets.

What to keep in mind is that each chapter to come under this project will contain at least a recording, this being technical analysis at an advanced level than the previous project, so things need to be explained in details for a full understanding of the concepts involved. Moreover, it will be visual, with examples all over the place, on different platforms and charts, talking and explaining, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask under the comment button below each recording and I promise an answer to each and every one of them.

To wrap it up, if you think you want to know new things regarding trading the currency markets and/or if you are just curious about different techniques in trading, than this is for you. Moreover, if you want to have a more detailed look into the trading analysis world, than this is for you too. And last but not least, if you are just a curious trader, than you should check this up too. It might just open new horizons in thinking about trading. After all, what’s to lose? Enjoy.

Mircea Vasiu

Chapter 1 – Price and Time In Trading

Chapter 2 – Astrology In Trading

Chapter 3 – Different ways to use Fibonacci in trading

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6 – Divergencies in Trading

Chapter 7 – Channel Surfing

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10 – Conclusion