Applying Indicators On A Chart

This recording has the purpose of showing you how to actually place an indicator on a chart, so it’s content it’s more practical so to say.

Metatrader allows you to put more than one indicator on a chart, you may try with several, but depending on the type of the indicator, it might be one that goes in the indicators window, meaning to the downside of the screen, like relative strength index (RSI) or it may be applied directly on the candles, like moving averages, bollinger bands, etc. The more indicators you place on your chart, the smaller the price window becomes.

You can choose your indicator from the Insert tab on top left of the Metatrader platform, then choose the Indicators tab, and after you pick one and click ok, the indicator it is on your chart. This is one way how to do it. The second option that you have is to click and drag an indicator after you open the Navigator tab, just pick one indicator and click and drag it over your chart. The click and drag option is valuable because you can actually place two indicators on the same indicator’s window.

All the situations are illustrated on the recording, so feel free to play with the options as much as possible.

Next chapter deals with Fibonacci retracement and expansion tools, and those are one of the most important elements a trader should have knowledge about. Stay tunned.