It was quite a journey I might say but what a beautiful journey as I tried to show you the importance of the Elliott Waves Theory. It should be mentioned again that the original theory was developed long time ago, based on the equity markets, but it is proving to work quite nicely on the currency markets as well.

I tried to touch the most important concepts of the theory, starting from the basics like five waves up corrected with three waves down and ending with complex concepts like double threes and complex corrections/combinations. We have seen under this project the various types of correction price may make, as well as extensions for the impulsive waves and not only. We also looked at patterns, like wedges, triangles, flats and zig-zags, and trying to interpret them by having as many examples as possible.

The recordings that go with this project have the purpose of illustrating all the aspects of the Elliott Waves Theory, as from my point of view, there is one thing to read about a pattern and even to look at a picture related to a pattern, and there is a totally different one to actually identify that pattern on a naked chart.

Things like Fibonacci relationships between different waves were also treated in details and I only hope that at the end of this project your view about the Elliott Waves Theory is changed in better.

Any questions you might have regarding the current project are going to receive an answer, so please do not hesitate into writing me. Until then, just enjoy the journey and I hope you will fall in love with the theory as I did.

Mircea Vasiu
[email protected]

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