Intervening X Waves

An intervening x wave is a concept that creates many headaches for traders as, being part of a correction, it is sometimes so confusing because it resembles a complex correction that should break into the opposite direction compared with the one price is really breaking in the end.

Such a wave has an abc structure, so it is a three waves type, can be any corrective pattern (even though it is extremely rare to be a triangle) and basically it connects two separate and distinct corrections as being part of a second wave type of structure.

What happens after such corrections end is that usually a powerful extended third wave appears and this is almost always extended over the 161.8% level.

A wave with such a structure, I mean with an abc structure that comes after a previous abc correction and establishes a new low (in the case the correction was to the upside) when compared with the first impulsive move of a lower degree, is extremely tricky, because it is followed by yet another correction, and this makes traders look for different type of structures than for a strong impulsive move.

The recordings that come with this sub chapter will deal with explaining first the concept of an intervening x wave, where it is appearing and what to look for and present two different examples, one on the audusd hourly chart and one on the euraud hourly chart, showing you exactly how to put the theory into practice.

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