Triple Combinations

Triple combinations are complex forms of correction and should be treated with respect when met. These are one of the most difficult trading patterns to interpret in Elliott Waves Theory and one should have a trained eye, so to say, in identifying patterns and needs to know what to look for and where to look for clues of such a pattern.

My advice is to look for possible contracting triangles that appear at the end of a move, in which case they are being viewed as reversal patterns, because whenever you have such a pattern it represents a clue that a combination (double or a triple one) just ended.

However, double and triple combination are not ending with a contracting triangle all the time, they are also ending with flats, so keep an eye open on all the possibilities out there.

The recordings that come with this chapter show you two different types of triple combinations, one on the audusd weekly chart that was happening between the 1996 and 2002 and it was a beautiful combination between two zig-zags and one contracting triangle, that once broken, previous highs established in the 1996 where taken quite aggressively I might say.

The second example involves a more recent pattern that we had this time on the eurusd four hour chart and it deals with the move from the 1.3700 area to the 1.2700 area, at almost one thousand pips to the downside for the the eurusd pair in a triple combination that has a mix of a zig-zag and two flats, one common and one irregular.

These complex form of correction are not common, quite rare and difficult to interpret, but the purpose of these recordings is to make you look at things from a simple perspective and hope I managed to show you that with proper knowledge there is no such thing as too difficult in Elliott Waves Theory.

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