Evaluating Binary Options Strategies

We are starting here a series, or a project if you want, with the intention of taking the most popular binary options trading strategies available over the Internet, testing them for a while, and then present an analysis based on the results, and on what we’re thinking of it.

Each strategy is going to be tested and categorized and hope that in the end to have a nice pool for rating binary options strategies and will classify them based on different criteria.

What we will do with each strategy is a description and presentation as it is intended by the ones that developed it, will look into the possible indicators there, how to apply them on a chart and so on and after that will make a SWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats) analysis based on the outcome and a recommendation will follow.

This project comes out of fellow traders request and we’re happy to start delivering. First strategy we are going to look into is the know famous Binary Options Ultimatum developed by the ones in forexwinners.net

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