Conclusion and Recommendation

The only way to study the efficiency of the signals generated by the Binary Options Ultimatum was to look at the system when markets are closed and this is due to the fact that one indicator to be used is a dynamic one and it is moving with the market. So trying to look for signals back in the history is not possible except for the last 48 hours the Trend Channel indicator is showing and we choose to analyze the results for last Thursday and Friday when markets were closed, meaning during the weekend.

  • Binary Options Ultimatum is quite a complex setup and our analysis here implied four different parts:
  • an introductory one where we presented the basics of the system, the indicators to be used, what to take into consideration, etc.;
  • a second part in which we actually analyzed each currency pair and looked for the signals the system generated. We took into account everything recommended by the developers, including the time frame (one hour chart) and the expiration date (end of day);
  • a third part presenting a SWOT analysis;
  • The last part represent our conclusion and during the two trading days we analyzed the system generated 12 signals and 10 signals were profitable, meaning the options expired in the money, while 2 options expired out of the money. That makes the Binary Options Ultimatum a profitable strategy, even though we modified a bit some variables.

All in all, we are giving a thumb up to this strategy if used properly.

Mircea Vasiu
[email protected]