Indicators to be used

Binary Options Ultimatum system is based on a number of indicators and the overall decision to trade is based on all these indicators that should be interpreted as a whole.

The first one is Trend Bars indicator and it is quite simple to interpret, as red means a bearish environment and green means a bullish environment. Following is the Trend Candles indicator and this one even though it is looking like the famous Heiken Ashi, it is actually based on stochastic. Again, red and green are associated with bearish and bullish conditions.

Entry Arrows is the next indicator to the used and this one resembles the SAR but actually it is a breakout indicator and it is followed by Wave Signal Alerts indicator. The last one here is an indicator that shows the last higher highs and lower lows. However, this one repaints, so we should be careful about that, but it is used only for visual confirmation and guidance.

The most important one from my point of view is the Trend Channel indicator, but it has a major drawdown. This indicator comes, like the name suggests, in the form of a channel, and important is the direction or the trend it shows: down trend or up trend. More on this when we will treat the indicators separately.

The last indicator to the be used is the Pivot Targets indicator and this one is going to be used for two things, first to see the support/resistance levels and second to see the daily range.

The recording that come with this sub-chapter will show the whole template with the whole indicators on the screen and explain a bit the setup. Next we will move to treating each indicator separately.