Platforms to be used

As recommended, we are going to use for our testing purposes here the Metatrader 4 and the recording that comes with this sub chapter is showing you how to setup a Metatrader account and how to setup a chart, what to look for, where are the indicators, how to apply an indicator to a chart, basically going through all the things one needs to know before starting trading with such a platform.

Remember, we are not going to trade with the Metatrader, but only will pick the signals from it. The trades should be made through your binary options broker.

Also showing you here how to apply a custom indicator to a chart, in the sense that Metatrader offer a limited number of indicators and if you want to add a new indicator, like we want here, the recording above shows how to do it.

The next sub chapter deals with the indicators to be used and then will move on to setting up the account.