What it is

Binary Options Ultimatum is, like the name suggests, a strategy for trading binary options and it is being developed by forexwinners.net.

This strategy is fairly complex in the sense that it takes into consideration a lot of indicators for generating trading signals and, based on the developer’s name it’s purpose is to trade binary options using currency pairs as an asset.

The strategy is suppose to work on all currency pairs, so depending on the broker you use and the currency pairs offered this can be traded as well. Because it is developed for the foreign exchange initially and adjusted to binary options to take the time element into consideration, the analysis should be made on a forex trading platform that should generate the signals. We will use, as recommended by the developers, the Metatrader 4 as it is the most known trading platform offered by brokers all over the world.

By the time all the indicators are set, the “picture” or the setup looks pretty interesting and as you can see on the recording that comes with this sub chapter, the signals are coming in a dynamic environment, in the sense that the channel’s length is traveling with price and that makes it pretty difficult to analyze past trades if successful or not. However, we did find a solution for that but this will be shown later in the project.

Very important, the system is supposed to generate great results on the one hour chart, so we are going to use only this time frame.