Introducing the Economic Calendar

The economic calendar is a must for every trader in order to be up to date with what is happening on the markets, and, more importantly, what is moving the markets.

Our project here looks at the economic calendar and presents the indicators there in an easy to understand way and format.

The economic calendar is a series of economic events and economic data that are scheduled to hit the market and, depending on their importance, volatility can rise and markets move.

The most important things to look for when looking at the economic calendar are:

  • economic events are pre-scheduled;
  • free for public access;
  • present past, current and future economic releases;
  • economic releases are ranked by their importance;
  • each economic release contains a previous release, a forecast release and the actual will complete the calendar after the release;
  • past data available;
  • extremely important in keeping you up to date with anything that might move financial markets.

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