Unemployment Rate


Unemployment rate is the indicator used in rating any economy in the world as it is a leading indicator of economic health. High unemployment levels signal a troubled economy, while low levels of unemployment signal an economy that it is most likely expanding.

In Europe unemployment is a problem, more than in other parts of the world as Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, etc face huge unemployment levels due to the financial crises this countries are facing. Germany and France have better levels, but nevertheless for the whole Europe the indicator looks ugly. This is to be seen in our six months data that we’re analyzing under this project and try to make a comparison with the United States and you will see the difference.

Unemployment rate is showing the percentage of total workforce that is unemployed and is actively seeking employment during the previous month.
The most important things to take into consideration when looking at the Unemployment Rate in Europe are:

  • release date: monthly, about 30 days after the month ends;
  • release time: 09:00 GMT during the London trading session;
  • first tier data indicator;
  • brings high volatility levels.

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