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Between the two elements presented so far the Kinjun is by far the most important one simply by the fact that it is referring to a longer period than the Tenkan does. Taking into consideration the way it is calculated, when price is reaching Kinjun (the blue line) traders should look for that area to offer important support/resistance as the element is averaging the highest high and the lowest low for the past twenty six periods. The higher the time frame, the stronger the information provided, as if looking at a weekly chart that means twenty six weeks worth of data is being considered. Hence, the support or resistance provided is quite strong.

Looking at the Kinjun in relation with the other elements the Ichimoku indicator offers, then the Kinjun – Tenkan cross is one good clue trending conditions are changing. By the time Kinjun goes above/below the actual cloud than this is a good clue changes in the previous trend are expending and in most of the cases such a move shows a new trend already began.

A Chinkou (the green line) cross below/above the Kinjun is another clue the trending environment is changing and this should be considered as well.

However, out of the above, the support/resistance element is the most important one and the higher the time frame, the stronger the area is.

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