Medium/Long Term Time Frames

Under the short term time frames we should take into consideration the five minutes, hourly and the four hours chart. It is important to have all the time frames open on the same trading platform as if, for example, on the five minutes chart price is breaking the higher above the cloud and bullish environment is established, then looking at the four hours chart for example and seeing the Chinkou being still on the bearish environment and facing the price in front of it for example, then this should be a stiff problem.

Later in the project we will treat trading strategies to be used one each time frame when trading binary options and that should be interesting to be seen as there are options to be traded for a time frame, and makes no sense to look at them on another time frame. For example, when looking at the five minutes chart than the sixty seconds option would be appropriate, but otherwise, the higher the time frame, the lower the probability that a sixty seconds option will expire in the money.

The higher the time frame, and the more important and powerful the support/resistance areas offered by the Ichimoku elements. If Chinkou is reaching the base of the cloud in an otherwise bullish environement should be treated with more importance as a support area if the time frame watched is the four hours chart or the five minutes chart.

The recording that comes with this sub chapter deals with this three time frames and shows you how can price be analyzed by looking at all of them together.