Transitory Cycles

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When market is looking to make the shift from a bullish cycle to a bearish cycle, or from a bearish into a bullish cycle, then the whole process is being called a transitory process, hence the name for such a cycle, transitory cycle.

If you want, while trending cycles are straightforward in the sense that one should look for the appropriate place to buy calls in an uptrend and buy puts in a downtrend, transitory cycles are most likely to be used trading one touch binary options as they are specific for consolidation areas. And taking into consideration that price is spending most of the time in consolidation areas, or in ranges, than it should be of no surprise that transitory cycles should be considered and whenever they are happening, specific strategies should be traded.

A transitory cycle always begins with the Kinjun Tenkan cross, then Chinkou is going above/below the candles in front of it, and the end of such a cycle would be that conditions for a new bullish/bearish cycle are being met.

The recording that comes with this sub chapter shows you a couple of example with transitory cycles with steps to watch and things to do to determine exactly the beginning and end of such a cycle.

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