Here on  binaryoptions.education we started a project called “Evaluating Binary Options Strategies” and it is time to move on to the next strategy to be tested.

Our first strategy or system to look for was the now famous Binary Options Ultimatum system and based on your comments and appreciation of the work we’ve done we decided to move on to the next strategy to test.

This one is called I-High-Low-Middle strategy and, like the name suggests, it is based on the i-high-low-middle indicator, but not only on it, but in addition with another two.

The road to follow should be the same, we are going to give a short description and interpretation, showing you what the strategy is, what platforms and assets to be used, what indicators, the description of the indicators, etc, and in general setting up the trading account in the first part of the project.

The second part and the most important one is the part in which we are actually testing the strategy under real time conditions and the purpose is to take a look at all currency pairs provided by the Metatrader there and see starting with October 2013 until 10.11.2013 (so basically 1.5 months) how many signals were generated and if they were profitable or not. So this part is going to be the longest one but also full of examples showing you how this system/strategy should be used.

The third part deals with the SWOT analysis and on the last part of the project we are comparing the results, have a conclusion and issue a recommendation.

Mircea Vasiu
November 2013