Checking all the setups Short Review

The recording that comes with this sub chapter has the purpose of showing you the elements to be considered, the indicators to be used and the account to be setup correctly before going to actually analyze the strategy and use it under real time conditions.

The developers of the strategy include a template also so it might be a wise idea to save the template and to use it whenever you are opening a new chart there as it is simple to apply all the indicators at once on the chart then to just put them one at a time. Just make sure the indicators are loaded on the platform and then feel free to use the template.

The second part of the project, is to follow and this is the most important one as it deals with the description of the strategy, basically what to consider and then we are going to test each currency pair for the period between 1.10.2013 and 8.11.2013 and see the signals and the results that are generated. So this part should be the longest one as depending on the outcome we will decide to take a look at all pairs or only to the representative ones.