Indicators to be used

The I-HIGH-LOW-MIDDLE binary options strategy is based on the interpretation of three different indicators and they should be treated in the same time, meaning the decision to trade should be based on all three indicators.

Like the name suggests, the first indicator there to look for is the i-high-low-middle indicator and the thing to look for here is for price to be in the upper of lower side of the channel the indicator shows.

The second one is the Color CCI and here the colors help a lot in the sense that if you are looking to buy puts then the red color should be used and if you are looking to buy calls then the green color should signal that.

The last indicator is the KG FI is one indicator that shows the difference between a bullish and a bearish environment and the standard interpretation is to look for bullish conditions while the indicator is above the zero level (meaning buying calls) and for bearish conditions while the indicator is below the zero level (meaning buying puts).