Installing Indicators on the Metatrader Platform

As we should use the Metatrader platform because the indicators are developed for this platform, this sub chapter has the meaning of showing you the way to actually install the indicators on a chart.

The thing is that the Metatrader is offered for free by most foreign exchange brokers and the thing to do is just to open a demo account with one of those brokers and get the trading platform for free. Then the technical analysis will be done on the platform but the actual trading will be done on the binary option broker’s platform.

All brokers offer some standard indicators but the ones we are interested in having here are not in that list. We should upload them into the platform and the way to do that is to go on the desktop, locate the shortcut and by right-clicking choose the Open File Location tab and under the Expert Advisors, select the Indicators tab and then Paste the indicators there.

It is mandatory that you close the Metatrader platform after such an operation for the changes to take place.

After reopening, choose the Navigator tab and then under the Custom Indicators the new indicators should appear. By a simple click and drag on a chart they will be attached and ready to use.

All the information above is to be found on the recording that come with this sub chapter, so if you feel the need to actually see how this is done, just watch the video.