Platforms to be used

Like it was the case for the first binary options system we tested, the binary options ultimatum, in this case we can also use different trading platforms. The one recommended to be used is the Metatrader, but not because it is recommended by the developers, but because of the fact that the indicators to be used are developed for the platform.

However, other trading platforms like the cTrader or the Jforex also offer almost every possible indicator so testing the system on that platforms should not be a problem as well.
One thing to take into consideration though is the time frame used. The developers are recommending the system to be used on the 4h chart and this is different from platform to platform, depending on the time taken into consideration.

On the Metatrader’s case, the closing on the four hours chart is a classical one and coincides with GMT +3 and this should be the standard to be used as it bodes well with the fixings during the day too.