Criteria Used

When trading in general, and when trading binary options in special, choosing the right asset is important because it is the defining element regarding the success of the option you are trading. There are a lot of assets to be traded, so why should one trade a specific assett and not another one?

There are some elements to be considered and, firstly, a trader should take into consideration the volatility the asset/instrument has. The higher the volatility, usually the better for the options with a really short term expiration date.

Secondly, look for the potential payout to be offered, because not all assets/instruments offer the same return, as this depends very much on the type of option, on the expiration date, etc.

Thirdly, look for time of the day/week you are considering buying an option, as this is important in terms of the volatility expected. If you are looking for higher levels of volatility during Asian session, then there is most likely not going to be the case as the London and New York sessions are the most volatile.

The recording that comes with this chapter shows you real time examples on how to choose the right asset to trade.

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