Sixty Seconds Options – 1st recording


The sixty seconds options are one of the most traded binary options. The reason for that is that there is the potential of a quick return, and it applies to the scalpers out there on the market. And it is human nature to look for an easy and quick return as many times as possible.

The trading platforms that are offering sixty seconds options are trying to make the trading process as easy to understand as possible, and our example illustrated here on the [bbinary] trading platform is no different.

One should choose the asset to trade ( be it currencies, commodities, stocks, indices, etc), the amount to be invested, and the direction of the market (buying calls if the trader thinks price at expiration – after sixty seconds – will be higher than the strike price, or buying puts if the trader thinks price at expiration – after sixty seconds – will be lower than the strike price). After that, given the fact that the expiration date is already set (sixty seconds), the trade is placed and it expires quite shortly.


The best way to trade sixty seconds options in my opinion is during economic releases that have the potential to be volatile, and this volatility can be played on the very short term horizon like the sixty seconds time frame is.

The recordings that come with this chapter are showing you a couple of examples with this type of binary options, from the settings until the expiration date.

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