What are Binary Options

The purpose of the first part is to try to introduce you to the world of binary options, getting familiar with the concept and basic information about such a product and in the second and the third part to actually prepare the trading ground and take some nice trading examples.

The very basic concept of an option has a strong correlation with the notion of put/call, so a clear understanding of such concepts is mandatory, with what in-the-money and out-of-the-money means, etc. Also briefly introducing the types of binary options available on the market, I mean the ones that are offered by most brokers and this is just to show and explain what each type (one touch, sixty seconds, etc) represents and how to interpret them.

The end of this first part will find us taking a comparative look between normal options market and binary options market, taking into account both advantages and disadvantages of these markets.

With the first part done, you will already have the basic knowledge about what binary options are and basically you are ready to start at possible trades. However, before doing that, I will show you some tips and tricks on how to prepare the trading ground and what to look for when trading binary options.

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