Williams Regression

Another oscillator to be used when trading binary options is the Williams regression. In the recordings that will come with this chapter will show you on the Metatrader platform where to find the oscillator and how to use it.

Williams regression travels between 0 and -100 levels and the standard interpretation is that as long as the oscillator stays above the -20 level price will continue to rise, indicating a bullish market, with the opposite being true as well. As long as the oscillator stays below the -80 level price will continue to fall, indicating a bearish market.

Depending on the time frame you are analyzing with this oscillator, the bullish/bearish markets can be analyzed: the higher the time frame, the stronger the interpretation.

In our case, employing a buying calls strategy in a bull market, or a buying call strategy on a bear market  should be considered.

Plenty of examples to be found on the recordings that come with this chapter, starting with how to set up the oscillator and ending with how to interpret it and apply the outcome to binary options market.

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